locator enThe LOCATOR® anchoring system is the established standard retention system for removeable partial- or full prostheses with compatibility to the REVOIS® Dental Implantat System (its product variants REVOIS® Classic and REVOIS® PRO).

With LOCATOR® axial deviations between implants of up to 40° can be egalized via the tertiary prosthetic parts, the retention inserts. For different axial deviations and retention forces, a multitude of different retention inserts are available.


  • Abutment heights 1, 2, 4 mm
  • Egalization of axial deviations of up to 40° via different retention inserts
  • Friction insert made from titanium
  • Retention inserts made from plastic (Nylon) with different elasticities
Available for many different implant systems, the processing of REVOIS® PRO and LOCATOR® remains flexible.

The required LOCATOR® parts can be purchased completely via AUROSAN Dental.

For additional information please refer to the REVOIS® PRO user manual as well as to the LOCATOR® instructions for use of the manufacturer Zest Anchors.






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