cad camThe goal of using CAD/CAM is the simplification of manufacturing processes chair- and labside, at the same time increasing further quality and precision. This is ensured through an integrated digital process, from digital data collection, use of a restauration planning software to customized milling chair- or labside, or for best quality and highest precision prostheses, in specialized milling centers.

To offer you CAD/CAM for REVOIS® at worldclass niveau, we at AUROSAN Dental have engaged with Cendres & Métaux in a strategisch Partnership. Thus, for REVOIS®, you have access to one of the leading milling centers, its excellent quality well-known from the REVOIS® PRO and REVOIS® compact implants.

  • CAM-based milling of bridges, bars, partial or full prostheses
  • Milling in CoCr, titanium grade 5 (4 colors), Pekkton®, or upon request in gold
  • Short production times
  • Fair pricing
  • For many different implant system
  • 10 years warranty

cad cam2Scanbodies with or without anti-rotation lock are available today for REVOIS® PRO, and soon also for REVOIS® compact.

Titanium abutments function as basis for highly customizable prosthetic restauration, and for the processing of press-ceramics.

For additional information, please refer to the CAD/CAM & REVOIS® Memo and the REVOIS®CAD/CAM Manual.




» CAD/CAM Manual  » Notice sheet


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