Application of the KariesScreenTest + P

From homeostasis to dysbiosis - and back again

The film explains the importance of the KariesScreenTest on the basis of the extended ecological plaque hypothesis. The test procedure is the basis of "Diagnosis-based individual prophylaxis (DIP)"


Execution of the KariesScreenTest



REVOIS® PRO is the flagship of the REVOIS® Dental Implantat System. Introduced in 2011, there are now long-term data available propagating the value added of the combination of the simple, biologic design of REVOIS® PRO and the quality of manufacturing, focussing on surface treatment and cleanliness, both translating into a high proportion of primary stability and exzellent implant long-term survival.



The SFI-Bar® is an innovative bar solution for the stress-free retention of removable dentures on 2-6 implants in both upper and lower jaws. With a manageable number of prefabricated, modular components, bar restorations can quickly be fabricated chair- or labside for almost any clinical situation, and many times directly after implant insertion (immediate load). SFI-Bar® is compatible to several implant systems. Click here for an actual overview.


CM LOC® stands for a functionally advantageous, hygienic, user- and patient-friendly removeable retention system for partial or full prostheses. Compared to other systems, a particular advantage of CM LOC® is the compensation of axial deviations via the secondary prosthetic part (abutment) and up to 60° (2x 30°) permitting its use in a broad range of clinical situations. Wear and abrasion on both, abutment and retention elements, are significantly reduced. Under certain circumstances, outworn abutments of other retention systems maybe rescued. CM LOC® is compatible to several implant systems. Click here for an actual overview.



The LOCATOR® anchoring system is the established standard retention system for removeable partial- or full prostheses with compatibility to the REVOIS® Dental Implantat System (its product variants REVOIS® Classic and REVOIS® PRO).
With LOCATOR® axial deviations between implants of up to 40° can be egalized via the tertiary prosthetic parts, the retention inserts. For different axial deviations and retention forces, a multitude of different retention inserts are available